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When Oportunity Knocks

Your company earnings is growing, financially you are doing well and your thinking of expanding, but the property next to yours is not yours and you talked to the own about selling it to you. The owner is not sure, he may put it up for sale but don’t know when. So you wait, but until the owner decides when to sell you need to put yourself in a financial position of readiness. You don’t wait until the last-minute to make an offer then go to the bank and fill out a loan application, it may take weeks for approval and while you wait for approval another buyer steps in with ready cash and buys the property.

Does this sound like something that had happen to you once already, the property sold right out under your nose? In situations like this it is smart to obtain a stand-by loan this way you already have the cash available when you need. The stand-by loan is agreed upon by the borrower and the lender, your company has already been approved for the loan, but the money is kept by the lender until you exercise your right of the contract and request the money then the loan contract become in force and turns into a permanent loan, stating monthly payment and terms of the loan. Meanwhile, until you exercise your request, as a stand-by loan you only pay, up front, the yearly interest and the stand-by loan is good for 18 months or longer. So during the 18 months you can request the money of that loan anytime you need it. This way you won’t lose out on any opportunity.

If you never exercise the loan there is nothing to payback, but in this strategy you won’t be left short hand and will always have the money whenever you need it, for any opportunity or emergency. Another advantage to this is if your bid falls short of the highest bid you can always say, accept our bid and I’ll write you a check right now and you walk away with cash in hand on this deal. Time sometime plays an important role and the sale may jump on a cash deal as compared to a two-week wait for the higher bidder to get bank approval.
Give us a call and let set up a meeting at you place of business and let talk about how we can help you with your financial needs.

Special Projects that need Funding

We help companies find the funding for their special “Major Property” projects such as:
Special Major Property Projects
*Repair Shops
*Funeral Homes
*Shopping Centers/Malls
*Medical & Office Buildings
*Apartments & Condominiums
*Mobile Parks
*Retail Stores
*Retirement Homes
We can help you get better rates and better terms through alternative financing. If you’re a commercial company looking for financing of your special projects with good rates and terms so you can grow, We help you build a better and stronger future.

Self Employed

There is nothing like owning business and build an empire, why? Because it will improve the quality of your life, you will become more compatible, it will bring you happiness, provide you all the things you want. You will feel good about yourself and in life general, you will be looked upon as someone important and family and friends will be proud of you and happy for your successes. Why do people start their own business? Because they would like to make themselves rich instead of making their boss or the company they work for rich, enjoy the real freedom of a business owner.

We all seek for a life better than what we are experiencing now so they start a business. What is the best kind of business to start? The best type of business to get into is that which you love to do and then find a way to earn a living. All your life you enjoy cooking than start a catering company, you enjoy repairing cars then open a auto-repair shop, You find out that you have a clear understand of the retail business, then open up a small retail shop like a small mom and pop shop than later let it grow into a big chain store like Wal-Mart, that’s how it started.

The first thing that pops up is I don’t know how to start a business. I did not know either so I went to the Library and got out books and learned, yes, I trained myself. I attended seminars, meet professional people and asked questions. I wanted that business so I went out and trained myself how to start that business, remember every industry is learnable.

You can start small as a home base business with low overhead cost and build from there. Once you have a steady income coming in you save your profits so you will have working capital to grow and expand. If your company has strong earnings and low debt, great cash flow then a business loan would be the wise thing to do so you can expand and use your reserve capital for operating expense.

If you have a successful small business that needs to expand so it can grow, but need working capital, or more inventory, or new equipment, or maybe the purchase of a property and building etc. then call me and let me help you get the financing you need.

Private Money

In the history of banks we can see how many banks were greedy, dishonest, and the government had to step in to protect the depositors. First they did it by regulating the banks, setting up parameters to stop a default, then by insuring each deposit (FDIC). Because of this bank are required to set up guidelines and policies for lending out money; such as no bank can be an invest company of the stock market and still take in money from depositors as a bank. That’s like taking a person who is on a strict diet and making him in charge of the kitchen.

In alternative financing, the money lenders, for the most part, use private money to make more money through commercial loans. This mean that they are not government regulated, their policy and guidelines for lending money is much more different than those of banks. This means they can and are very competitive and can offer better rates and better terms. This means that they can approve a loan much easier and faster than banks. In truth, there money is no different and just as good as the money you get from a bank.

Financial Concepts & Solutions LLC work with over 25 money lenders across the nation and has 75 more lenders listed in their directory, and we are able to get the money your company needs.

*Note: there is no guarantee of getting your application approve for a loan. Loan approval is based on financial stability, debt load, collateral, and cash flow and earnings etc.

Responsibility to the Stock Holders

When I buy stock in a company I am putting my trust into the management team of the company that they will run the company correctly and make it profitable. This is why shareholders vote on board of directors, who oversee the management team; because the board of directors have to answer to the shareholders, the legal owners of the company.

If the management team, the CEO and President, the operation office, the financial officer, the sales & marketing manager, production manager, etc., want to keep their position (jobs) they have to make correct corporate decissions so the company can grow and become profitable.

One of the best ways for a company to grow and be profitable is properly managing their debt load. Loan interest can cost company lots of money and that’s why smart financial officer’s shop around for the best deal. On very large loans a half of one percent can cost or save the company millions of dollars. Here is where financial broker company like Financial Concepts & Solutions LLC can help the financial manager save the company millions of dollars.

Financial manager are no longer limited to local banks for loans but now have options through a financial broker. The financial broker can work with 25 money lenders around the country, each willing to lend companies the money they need to expand, to grow, to operate, to build and to purchase.