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$500,000 to $10 Million Available
Our Lenders

*Investment Groups
*Real Estate Investment Trust
*Insurance Companies
*University Endowments
*Various Pension Funds
*Wealthy Individuals
*Capital Venture
*Small Business Administration
*Commercial Lenders
*Partnership Groups
*And yes, Banks in various States
         It's called alternative financing because it's another option to standard lending practices, with competitive and/or better rates and terms with more flexibility and less restriction and guideline for approving a loan. This is not a new concept, but many companies are not aware of its availability. You may ask, if not from a bank, then where? Here is a short list of money lenders that we at Financial Concepts & Solutions work with that make up alternative financing that allows us to do creative financing on behalf of our clients.
    *About Financial Concepts & Solutions LLC,  we specialize in alternative financing, loans for commercial property, business loans and construction loans helping your company to expand and grow, building a stronger and better future.

    *Through our resources of 25 money lenders  that we work with and our directory of 75 more lenders all nationwide we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Obtaining better rates & terms, with fast approval.

     *Financial Concepts & Solutions LLC, office is located in Brook Park, right next to Cleveland Hopkins airport, We provide our service not only to all the businesses in Cleveland, Cuyahoga county and surrounding cities and counties but all of Ohio.  

John A. Hozvicka CEO