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Why Alternative Finance?
                              Better Rates and Better Terms
     A financial broker usually works with 25 money lender or more and can help insure your company obtaining the loan best suited for your needs. Commercial loan financing is more complex than most company realizes and requires a trained broker to negotiate the best type of loan.

     We here at Financial Concepts & Solutions LLC have access to a large number of direct money lenders who can quickly provide appropriate loans to companies in need for special project.  Our brokers are trained in both areas of financing commercial loans, first for the small business owner and second to the large corporation, and in knowing this will allow the broker to effectively meet their client’s financial needs.
     We at Financial Concepts & Solutions LLC understand the importance of quickly and effectively design a creative finance for the needs of our clients with the best possible lending institution. Our broker strives to achieve a long-term working relationship with both our clients and the lenders we work with. It is this relationship that in fact makes our broker most effective in securing the loans that meet our client’s needs. We are the link between the borrower and lender and we work hard on our two-way win-win program to assure both our client and the lender is an effective, long-term, profitable relationships.
     We only get paid for our services when we get you the financing you need so what do you have to lose?
Major Property Purchase
Business Loans

Hotels and Motels
Shopping Centers and Malls
Medical and Office Building
Apartments and Condominiums
Mobile Home Parks, Churches
Funeral Homes and Warehouses
Restaurants, Auto-Dealers, & Repair Shop
Health Care & Retirement Homes

*Working Capital
*Inventory & Equipment
*Expansion and Growth
*Line of Credit
*Mergers and Acquisition
*Account Receivable
*Consolidation of debt

                                                   Types of Loans
Commercial Loans, Commercial/Industrial Loans, Major Property Loans, Construction Loans, Business Loans, Small Business Loans, Hard money loan, stand-by loans, bridge loans.